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Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans, and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, our products are AMCA Certified for Air and Sound Performance.
We offer the broadest and most complete line of quality industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. Our innovative ventilation technologies are patented in several countries.

Why Induced Flow/High Plume Fans Should Bear the AMCA Certified Rating Seal

AMCA Standard 260 (published in 2013) is the laboratory method of testing induced flow fans. This test standard defines the appropriate fashion in which any manufacturer can test induced flow fans within an accredited test facility.Induced flow fans are somewhat of an anomaly in the fan business because at a given speed, power, and air...
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Applications for Corrosion Resistant Fans

MK Plastics offers a wide variety of corrosion resistant fans for critical applications. We offer axial and centrifugal designs with belt drive, direct drive, or couple driven configurations. They can be used in general ventilation applications (typically space exhaust) or in ducted or pressure applications.One broad market is water an...
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The Impact of FEGs on Induced Flow Fans

The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) developed an energy efficiency classification for fans, which is called AMCA Standard 205. It describes how a fan manufacturer defines fan efficiency grades (more commonly referred to as FEGs). FEGs are a numerical value intended to give the user an indication of the relativ...
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Dampers & Louvers

We're a corrosion resistant fan manufacturer, and we also make dampers and louvers out of fiberglass for various corrosive applications. They fall under the title of air control and movement. They're not fans, but they work in conjunction with vans and ventilation.Gravity Backdraft DampersEnd pivoted automatic shutter dampers, more commonly known a...
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The Application of High-Temp Exhaust in Healthcare

Medical centers and hospitals depend on reliable Information Technology. For example, they use computers to retain patient records and past medical history. Because technology is such an important aspect of the healthcare system, IT departments need to make sure everything works uninterrupted. Computers and networks simply cannot be su...
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