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Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans, and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, our products are AMCA Certified for Air and Sound Performance.
We offer the broadest and most complete line of quality industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. Our innovative ventilation technologies are patented in several countries.

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What to Consider When Selecting Fans For Your Application

When selecting a fan, I prefer to do so in a deductive fashion. In other words, try to understand everything you possibly can about the nature of the application and the details about what the fan is going to be doing. From there, you can actually use a process of elimination to back right into the appropriate types of fans.1. Ventilation vs. Proce...
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Types of AC Motors Commonly Used on Industrial/Commercial Fans

AC electric motors used on fans typically consist of windings, bearings, and other internal mechanical parts. All those parts need to be enclosed by what's referred to as a frame, which serves a dual purpose. The frame protects the internal parts, but at the same time, it allows heat generated within the windings to be dissipated from the motor. So...
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Changing Motors on Direct Drive Induced Flow Fans

All induced flow fans fit into two overarching types/categories: centrifugal induced flow fans and vertical inline induced flow fans. Both of those types of induced flow fans are available in belt drive or direct drive configurations. While belt drive induced flow fans offer many safety, adjustability, and motor changeout advantages, s...
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Comparing/Contrasting Belt Drive and Direct Drive Fans

Fan drive arrangements are defined by the Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA). (We address drive arrangements in detail in a separate presentation.) When comparing and contrasting direct drive to belt drive fans, I think we should address efficiency, safety, reliability, maintenance, and motor replacement independently. As we ...
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Common Arrangements for Belt Drive and Direct Drive Fans

The fan industry has a trade association called Air Movement and Control Association International, or AMCA, which produces several standards and methods of testing. AMCA Standard 99-10 addresses drive configurations for different types of fans. This blog post will not address fans designed for motors to be remotely mounted (specifical...
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Why Induced Flow/High Plume Fans Should Bear the AMCA Certified Rating Seal

AMCA Standard 260 (published in 2013) is the laboratory method of testing induced flow fans. This test standard defines the appropriate fashion in which any manufacturer can test induced flow fans within an accredited test facility.Induced flow fans are somewhat of an anomaly in the fan business because at a given speed, power, and air...
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Applications for Corrosion Resistant Fans

MK Plastics offers a wide variety of corrosion resistant fans for critical applications. We offer axial and centrifugal designs with belt drive, direct drive, or couple driven configurations. They can be used in general ventilation applications (typically space exhaust) or in ducted or pressure applications.One broad market is water an...
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The Impact of FEGs on Induced Flow Fans

The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) developed an energy efficiency classification for fans, which is called AMCA Standard 205. It describes how a fan manufacturer defines fan efficiency grades (more commonly referred to as FEGs). FEGs are a numerical value intended to give the user an indication of the relativ...
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