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Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans, and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, our products are AMCA Certified for Air and Sound Performance.
We offer the broadest and most complete line of quality industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. Our innovative ventilation technologies are patented in several countries.

Applications for Corrosion Resistant Fans

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MK Plastics offers a wide variety of corrosion resistant fans for critical applications. We offer axial and centrifugal designs with belt drive, direct drive, or couple driven configurations. They can be used in general ventilation applications (typically space exhaust) or in ducted or pressure applications.

One broad market is water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our fans can be used to ventilate pumping or lift stations, wet wells, building or enclosure ventilation, chlorination rooms, or fluoridation rooms. They can also be used in odor control systems or water quality labs.

Another market is laboratory research and healthcare applications. These include isolation room exhaust, pharmacy, pathology, necropsy, forensics, fume hood exhaust, biosafety cabinet exhaust, general lab exhaust, chemistry, radioisotope applications, vivarium exhaust, or cage wash exhaust. They are even used for more exotic source exhaust applications like hydrochloric acid or hydrofluoric acid.

The industrial arena is also another major marketplace for M.K Plastics. We supply fans for a wide variety of application services in the industrial and process industries: food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality assurance, precious metals reclamation, pollution control applications, etc. In any environment where there is corrosive air that needs to be accelerated or controlled, we probably have a suitable fan or dampener.

Every application has its own unique set of design considerations, including efficiency, noise levels, mounting configuration, maintenance, safe accessibility, and control. Let M.K Plastics help you with your corrosion resistant air moving application. Contact us today or view a list of products we offer.

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