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New Product Introduction

M.K. Plastics Inc. is proud to introduce K-KORE™ Plenums: a revolutionary line of exhaust plenums and energy-recovery plenums manufactured using the most advanced composite materials available on the market today.  K-KORE™ plenums are available for specification and sale today.

News Flash:  Steel Plenums are OBSOLETE.  K-KORE™ has solved many of the traditional problems with leakage, sound, corrosion, weight, and service life so that the obvious choice is K-KORE™.

K-KORE™ Plenums are the perfect companion for M.K. Plastics Axijet™ high-plume exhaust fans.  Manufactured with the same high-quality corrosion resistant F.R.P. (fiberglass reinforced polystyrene) as the Axijet™ fans, K-KORE™ Plenums far exceed the durability, strength, and corrosion resistance of steel plenums.  K-KORE™ Plenums are up to 30% lighter than traditional steel plenums and come with a standard 25-year factory warranty against cabinet corrosion.

Energy Recovery

K-KORE™ Plenums are available with a complete line of filters and energy recovery coils. 

  • Coil options range from standard steel coils used in non-corrosive environments to 316 stainless steel construction with Heresite™, Blygold™ or Electrofin™ coatings. 
  • Coils are fully replaceable and include a patent-pending slide-out drain pan design that allows for complete replacement of all steel elements. 
  • The FRP casing of the K-KORE™ Plenums is so durable that it will outlast by decades even the most durable of all coated steel, aluminum or copper components. 


M.K. Plastics has invested years of meticulous R&D in the design of the K-KORE™ product line.  Says company President Jeff Kupferberg: “We have put in place the right people and technology to produce the most durable and advanced composite product on the market today.  Our design parameters have always focused on a product of the highest possible quality.”  The engineering staff responsible for developing the K-KORE™ product line has a combined experience of over 100 years in the HVAC industry, which has resulted in the most innovative new materials and construction methods ever seen in the sector.

K-KORE™ Advantages

  • Light weight leads to lower cost for structural support grids and easier installation.
  • Acoustic properties of composite structure with honeycomb core far exceed the sound reduction capabilities of steel.
  • Corrosion Resistance of FRP has a service life of well over 50 years.
  • The Limits of Durability are actually unknown, since there has never been a corrosion related failure of the product even after continuous immersion in saltwater for over 50 years.
  • Customizable design provides flexibility to adapt to almost any jobsite requirement.

Design Features

  • All 316 stainless steel hardware.
  • True no-thru-metal construction throughout the entire cabinet depth.
  • Exceptionally lightweight construction without sacrifice of structural strength.
  • Excellent acoustic performance associated with composite material.
  • Unmatched corrosion resistance and durability.

The K-Kore™ product line is extremely flexible and can be customized to almost any application.  Our K-Kore™ Product Development Manager, Ilya Meldrum, states “When we decided to develop and commercialize the K-Kore product line we knew that we were entering into a highly competitive and saturated market, but one in which the traditional construction material, steel, was simply not suitable for the job.  We knew that it was not enough to simply bring a revolutionary product to market; it had to be flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ specific needs.”

For further information, please go to the following link: K-Kore™ Composite Air Plenums and Energy Recovery Plenums