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Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans, and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, our products are AMCA Certified for Air and Sound Performance.
We offer the broadest and most complete line of quality industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant fans and blowers. Our innovative ventilation technologies are patented in several countries.

How MK Plastics Became an Industry Leader

It's a very interesting story how MK Plastics became the company it is today. It's gone through a great deal of changes over the last half-century to become the leader in its field. It all began when my father had a separate company that primarily dealt with metal, HVAC, mechanical contracting, and manufacturing. A potential client called one afternoon asking if the company could do some PVC ductwork. My father, being a great entrepreneur and inventor said, "Sure. I can do that." He promptly turned to one of his junior engineers and asked, "What is PVC plastics and ductwork?" Nobody really knew the answer. It was on that day that my father decided to become an expert.

Jeff Kupferberg - How MK Plastics Became an Industry Leader

The road to becoming leaders in the thermoplastic industry began with us doing specialty equipment and ductwork primarily for laboratories. We specialized in hoods, ductwork, tanks, dilution, neutralization, and all forms of thermoplastic custom design. My father decided to spin off the part of the company that dealt with thermoplastics and give it a fitting new name: MK Plastics.

MK Plastics never focused on making off-the-shelf products. Instead, everything we made was always highly engineered. These were unique applications where the associated products were often not duplicable. My father realized that in order to be able to grow the company, he would need to create a product that could be duplicated. That's why we decided to develop catalog products such as neutralization tanks, dilution tanks, and chemical resistant products. From that point on, the company began to grow steadily.

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